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At Chestnut Garden Centre you'll find everything you need to make the most of your garden in every season. We have a wide range of garden gifts, tools, pots, compost and fertilisers as well as plants.

Our plants and trees come from the many local nurseries in the area. By buying locally, we can get the best quality and keep prices competitive too.

Our range of Fruit and Ornamental Trees is one of the widest in the area (maybe the widest...). As well as many types of "normal" trees, you will find fan-trained, patio trees and family trees (2 or 3 varieties on the same stem) - great if you have limited space.

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Plant of the Week: Ornamental grasses

Plant of the Week: Ornamental grasses

Graceful, elegant and imposing in the garden, grasses are a must-have in the garden. They're the perfect setting for other perennials, then from late summer send up spectacular plumes which add a magical touch to the winter garden when rimed with frost.

They're very low-maintenance, too. Evergreen grasses just need a comb through with your fingers in spring to remove dead thatch: these include Stipa gigantea with graceful oat-like flowerheads and Anemanthele lessoniana which turns orange, yellow and red in autumn. At the same time, prune deciduous types like tall, airy Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' and Deschampsia cespitosa to the ground to give new shoots room to grow. 

Bee and butterfly gardening

A garden humming with bees and shimmering with brilliantly-coloured butterflies is full of life and beauty, the insects adding another dimension to your planting and giving you yet another reason to enjoy your garden.

By encouraging bees and butterflies into your garden you're doing theā€¦

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